Qualities of A Good Lobby Sign

15 May

First impressions affect people in a big way.  They generally determine how seriously or lightly you will be taken.  Take important factors like your clothes, shoes and hair that are very key in formulating an opinion. Therefore, given how long-lasting first impressions can be, it is important to ensure that they are good. For a business, the lobby sign is one of the main things that contribute to this first impression.   It is one of the first things the customer will notice the moment they enter your business premises.  The objective is to make the business memorable and make the customer want to be associated with the business.

A quality and memorable lobby sign would be very vital in making such a lasting impression.  Color is the first component of a lobby sign.   Color, in the study of corporate culture is a form of symbolic language that differentiates a business. There are businesses that stand out mainly because customers can easily identify them using the colors even before they get to the name.   Hence the need to match the color of the lobby sign to that associated with the business.  Thanks to the functioning of their human brain, colors are less likely to be forgotten and can create quite a lasting impression.  Also, different colors represent different meanings and so the color you pick should be able to communicate the vision of your organization. Know more about signage at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtyQSWvNrgw.

Moreover, a quality Business signs should also be catchy.   Usually, it is the first thing used to get the attention of customers.  It cannot afford to be boring or dull.   Factors like brightness, font and even size of the lobby sign are key to drawing the attention of customers.  Given how people are drawn to beautiful things, the likelihood is decision-making that is based on what they can see. In short, the lobby sign should be interesting enough to influence the customers decision-making in favor of the business.

Another characteristic of a quality Lobby signs is its location.   You’ve most probably heard the story where one lights a lamp and puts it under a table.  Even when something is good, its effectiveness can be lost if it is put in the wrong place.  likewise, the brightness, beauty and creativity over lobby sign will not be important if put in the wrong place.   Just like a banner, a lobby sign should be held high.   It is supposed to be put in such a place that is not only noticeable but also impossible to ignore.

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